What We Do

At CS Consulting, our mission is to be your one stop shop for all things industrial safety. We break our business into three departments: service, training and sales.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

Safety Consulting – a safe working environment can help protect your employees and can also increase employee morale, raise productivity, reduce workers comp payments and save you thousands of dollars in possible fines. Although OSHA is well intentioned and still very effective, the volume of codes has made it an overwhelming task for company and business owners to take on alone. CS Consulting is there to help. We can assist you with any safety needs you may have, whether it’s updating existing records and practices or creating health and safety programs for your facility.

Industrial Hygiene – our team of professionally trained industrial hygiene consultants are dedicated to keeping your employees safe and your facility running smoothly at all times. Our technicians can handle any type of hazmat, ergonomic or physical hazards, and they can design and engineer industrial hygiene strategies you can implement with little disruption to your normal operating procedures. If you need industrial hygiene services, call CS Consulting today.

Standby Rescue – if you operate an industrial plant or manufacturing facility, the safety of your employees is your number one concern. Having onsite EMS and technical rescue teams on standby is critical, especially for remote confined space situations or other high risk projects. Before you start a particularly risky project, such as shutting down a plant, starting a tank cleaning or anything else, call CS Consulting. We provide highly trained and experienced onsite EMS and technical rescue teams who react immediately to emergencies, keeping your employees safe.


We have a brand new training facility waiting for you! Our selection of available courses is extensive and covers everything from General Industry safety courses to Hazmat Technician training. We can even design custom safety courses for your industry.


Any safety program is only as good as the safety equipment that goes with it. At CS Consulting, we provide respirators, monitors, air trailers and many other types of safety equipment designed to keep your people safe at all times.

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