Training Only Takes Like 30 Minutes, Right?

While some training topics can be covered in 30 minutes, most classes will require more time to cover them adequately. Some topics have very specific requirements. For instance, MSHA requires 24 hours of initial training and at least 8 hours of refresher training annually. Hazwoper also specifies specific training durations depending on the level of training the employees need. Obviously, if the time limit is specified, we cannot deviate from the requirement.

In addition to classes with designated time lengths, all other training classes are going to have required curriculum that must be covered. In order to train employees on this curriculum to the level that OSHA requires, some topics can take up to an entire day or more.

The average company can expect to require 1-2 full days of training per year just to be OSHA compliant. Obviously, some jobs, such as offices, might require much less, while other companies might need much more training every year.


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