What Training Is Required Every Year By OSHA?

OSHA requires a few topics to be trained upon annually. These topics include:

  • Access to Medical Records
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Fire Extinguishers (for businesses that provide extinguishers for employee use)
  • Hazwoper (for those businesses that require Hazwoper training)
  • Hearing Conservation (for employees included in Hearing Conservation Plans)

There are also a few other trainings that are required by other groups. These include H2S and Drug & Alcohol. The requirements for these trainings come from clients typically, but some requirements can come from the DOT, EPA, or other groups as well.

In addition to OSHA’s annual requirement, they require employees to be trained on the hazards of their work and of their worksites. While most of these require retraining only when employees prove incompetency or when the process or hazard changes, it is the standard for most industries to require retraining every 2-3 years.


*Unless specific citations are shown, all answers are based on interpretations provided by authorized officials. As such, all information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.