Standby Rescue Services for Plant Turnarounds or Shutdowns

Safety on a plant turnaround is often thought of as a cost to be minimized while still remaining effective. At CS Consulting, we don’t see it that way. A plant turnaround is among the most dangerous jobs you can undertake, and if you don’t follow generic safety procedures, you may be putting yourself or your employees at risk for an emergency.

The biggest risk during a plant turnaround comes from power sources for machines being turned on, or valves being mistakenly opened before work is complete. This is why it’s important to have a specific safety protocol for lockouts and tagouts to make sure all energy sources are locked up and kept locked until work is completed. Likewise, it’s important to have lockout / tagout plans developed by engineers who can focus all their energy on making sure everything goes smoothly.

The basic steps of a lockout procedure are as follows:

  • Conduct a risk assessment
  • Turn off the machine
  • Lockout the machine so it can’t possibly be turned on
  • Tagout
  • Test
  • Do the job
  • Safely resume operations

If you’re planning a plant shutdown or turnaround, call CS Consulting today. We can help you organize an effective lockout and tagout procedure as well as provide standby rescue of personnel in the event that something does go wrong.

Rescue Services for Plant Turnarounds or Shutdowns

CS Consulting is proud to be one of the few companies in the country to offer rescue standby services for confined space entry, large hazardous projects, fall protection, and other hazardous scenarios in a variety of industries and projects, including plant turnarounds. OSHA requirements state that any time a job requires workers to make entry on a permit-required confined space, or whenever personnel are required to utilize personal fall arrest systems, a rescue plan must be included in the planning process that allows for a timely rescue. In addition to these situations, it is also a good idea to take emergency precautions in hazardous situations, such as a plant or refinery shutdown.

Top Standby Rescue Teams

At CS Consulting, our technical rescue and confined space rescue standby teams have years of experience working in just about every kind of environment and are experts in keeping your staff safe during plant shutdowns and turnarounds. Our confined space and technical standby rescue teams also provide emergency retrieval systems, supplied air units and SCBAs, personal protective equipment (PPE), and trauma kits for rescue in IDLH environments. In addition, rescue personnel will monitor all activities both inside and outside the space to ensure safe confined space entry.

Our solution to your oil and gas rescue needs is our fully equipped rescue standby team. Comprising off-duty professional fire fighters, rescue workers, and hazmat technicians, we have training in just about any rescue situation you can imagine. Not only do our rescuers have high levels of training, but they have a tremendous amount of actual rescue experience and are trained at least to the EMT-Basic level, with most being full-mod EMT-Intermediates. Our commitment to training and experience in both rescue and emergency medical care make our team uniquely versatile and fully equipped to handle your plant turnaround or shutdown standby rescue needs anywhere in the country.

If you are planning a plant shutdown or turnaround and are looking for a technical rescue team to keep your employees safe, don’t wait—call CS Consulting today!