Standby Rescue for Petrochemical Plants

The petrochemical industry has a number of unique needs when it comes to standby rescue. At CS Consulting, we have the resources and personnel to keep your workers, plants and the environment safe and code-compliant. We offer standby rescue services for all types of petrochemical plants throughout the country.

To meet the industry’s goal of incident-free operation, plant operators have been investing substantial resources, both human and financial, to protect the people, property, and environments near petrochemical plants. Damage prevention measures include routine inspection and maintenance, corrosion protection, continuous monitoring and control technologies, public awareness programs and integrity management, and emergency response plans.

While petrochemical plants are generally safe, they are not perfect. At CS Consulting, we specialize in confined space rescue services for the petrochemical industry. Whether you’re constructing, cleaning, or repairing a petrochemical plant, or if you’re just doing basic maintenance or inspection, you can count on our teams to keep your staff safe and get them out if something were to happen.

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Top Standby Rescue Teams

At CS Consulting, our technical rescue and confined space rescue standby teams have years of experience working in just about every kind of environment, within the petrochemical industry and beyond. Our confined space and technical standby rescue teams also provide emergency retrieval systems, supplied air units and SCBAs, personal protective equipment (PPE), and trauma kits for rescue in IDLH environments. In addition, rescue personnel will monitor all activities both inside and outside the space to ensure safe confined space entry.

Our solution to your petrochemical plant rescue needs is our fully equipped confined space standby team. Comprising off-duty professional firefighters, rescue workers, and hazmat technicians, we have training in just about any rescue situation you can imagine. Not only do our rescuers have high levels of training, but they have a tremendous amount of actual rescue experience and are trained at least to the EMT-Basic level, with most being full-mod EMT-Intermediates. Our commitment to training and experience in both rescue and emergency medical care make our team uniquely versatile and fully equipped to handle your petrochemical industry standby rescue needs anywhere in the country.

If you operate a petrochemical plant and are looking for a technical rescue team to keep your employees safe on a particularly risky job, don’t wait – call CS Consulting today!