Site Safety

CS Consulting can provide your company with any safety equipment you need for your site. We can custom make signs to indicate respirator storage, fire extinguisher locations, Hydrogen Sulfide warnings, eyewash stations, and more. We offer lockout/tagout kits, weatherproof equipment cases, MSDS binders & hangers, and much more.

We provide a wide array of fire extinguishers an all sizes from Ansul Sentry & Amerex. Our extinguishers come in dry chemical, water, CO2, Halon, and dry powder extinguishing agents. We also have both wall and vehicle mounting brackets.

Where first aid stations are required, CS Consulting can provide the supplies you need. We have wall mounted first aid stations, vehicle kits, and even backpack style kits, in addition to portable and stationary eyewash stations. We also sell individual supplies for supplementing and restocking kits.