Customized Safety Program

In order for employees to work safely, a company needs to have a written set of guidelines and expectations for employee conduct at work. Our policy manuals outline the legal expectations for your company, as well as the expectations of your clients. Our policies are created to comply with ISNetworld requirements, but are also customized to your company to eliminate having inapplicable information cluttering the manual. The manual, if complied with, also qualifies for both discount programs offered by Wyoming Workers’ Compensation. This means that a total of 15% can be saved from your workers’ compensation payments.

While the policy manual covers everything the company is required to do, it can be bulky and parts might not apply to specific employees. To supplement the main manual, CS Consulting can also provide for you with employee handbooks. These books have only the information the employees need to know. All of the administrative requirements and inapplicable information are removed so that employees can have a condensed version of the policy manual for their own reference whenever they need it.