Rope Rescue Technician

Our rope rescue course provides a 40 hour comprehensive focus on high and low angle rescue. Whether used for wilderness search & rescue, confined spaces, towers, or other industrial applications, this course offers students the valuable knowledge and ability to save fellow workers when in harm’s way. As with all of our training, students will be pushed far beyond what they are likely to find in any real-world scenario. This “worst-case” scenario training exercises every student’s ability to problem solve and apply rigging and equipment fundamentals, in order to achieve their objective. This course is a great tool to offer your employees so they can effectively size up and take care of any high risk rope rescue situation. Skills taught cover requirements set forth by NFPA 1670 and 1006. Extensive hands-on scenarios cover line transfers, pick-offs, rigging, advantage systems, anchor point selection, repelling, belaying, and much more!

Course Length: 40 Hours
Skills Overview: Rope rescue equipment familiarization, equipment maintenance, knot tying, patient packaging & care, mechanical advantage systems, belaying, repelling, stokes-basket (litter) packaging and tending, pick-off’s, line transfers, and a variety of practical evolutions.