Does OSHA 10 Satisfy Any Requirements? SafeLand?

OSHA 10 and Safeland are specific requirements for certain companies. Most will require one or the other, but a few require both. Obviously, these classes meet those requirements and only these classes will usually satisfy the requirements.

Safeland & OSHA 10 are considered orientations, not training. As such, they do not count as OSHA training. In addition to the classroom time spent covering these classes, employees would need to go through all of OSHA’s required training as well, including all the topics covered by Safeland or OSHA 10.

For companies that need both OSHA 10 and Safeland for different clients, PEC has come out with the PEC 10 course. This course will actually give a certification that meets both OSHA 10 and Safeland at the same time. Obviously, it will be up to the client to determine whether or not this is acceptable. Since neither OSHA 10 nor Safeland constitute training, the PEC 10 would not either.

Many companies have taken advantage of online training for the OSHA 10. In the past, this has been an easy option for getting this certification. Based on recent changes in OSHA’s requirements, online classes are no longer acceptable per OSHA’s guidelines for the OSHA 10. Anyone who has taken the OSHA 10 online before the changes will still have an OSHA recognized card, but new online classes will not be recognized by OSHA.

For OSHA’s specifics on this matter, click here.


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