Municipal Risk Management

CS Consulting offers a wide array of Risk Management services tailored to municipal and county organizations. With budgetary concerns growing, the need to reinvest and reinvent your organizations has never been higher. Through proven risk management systems, leadership principals, and accountability from the top down CS Consulting can assist your city, town or county take on new challenges and prevail.

Risk Managers have an increasingly difficult task while working with cities, towns or county organizations. Creating a culture of safety that ensures every employee understands how he or she affects the organizational goals is a very challenging position. Risk managers must build relationships and trust within the organization, maintain regulatory knowledge, understand human behavior and have a desire to ensure organization success. CS Consulting has the experience to assist any risk manager with these important tasks. We offer assistance with:

  • Establishing a safety culture
  • Establishing, maintaining and reviewing EMR goals
  • Utilizing safety discount programs
  • Leadership training
  • Employee safety training
  • Internal audits to track performance of programs and initiatives
  • OSHA compliance
  • Program and policy development
  • Hazard assessments with recommended corrective actions
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementing near miss or behavior based systems