What is ISNetworld, PEC, Browz, PICS, DISA?

When a contractor/supplier is going to an owner/client site, that owner/client wants to ensure that the contractor is abiding by Federal, State and Local requirements where it involves safety, training and regulatory information. Since it is hard for many of these owner/clients to audit each and every contractor to ensure compliance with regulations such as OSHA, they require that the contractor/supplier go through a third party. Some of these third parties include ISNetworld, PEC Premier, PICS and BROWZ. These online data bases review information supplied by the contractor and then report their findings to owner/clients.

DISA is an employee screening service that provides employers with tools to help ensure that their potential and current employees maintain safe and productive work environments. DISA provides pre-employment and random drug and alcohol screening along with background checks, just to name a few. Many owner/clients also require contractors be a part of DISA.