Incident Investigation

No matter how thorough a company’s safety program is, there is always a potential for incidents. The ultimate goal of all incident investigations is to prevent recurrence and mitigate hazards. CS Consulting’s accident investigation team focuses on gathering facts, rather than assigning blame. The team is also certified to perform root cause investigation. CS Consulting works to provide effective corrective actions for all incidents, in addition to trending incidents to find overarching problems.

CS Consulting offers 4 levels of incident investigations.

  • Level 1investigation is simply the tracking of incidents. Our incident investigation team utilizes a tracking program that allows for effective trending of incidents. To perform this level we receive an incident report for the responsible party and input the data into our system.
  • Level 2 investigation adds on an interviewing process. In performing this level of investigation, we still receive the report from the responsible party, but our investigators contact the responsible party and any witnesses to develop more accurate information and more details for tracking and reporting.
  • Level 3 investigation has the investigator performing an onsite investigation. This investigation has the investigator analyzing the incident site for information, as well as having a face to face interview process with the responsible party and any witnesses. This, again, adds additional accuracy and details to the tracking and reporting.
  • Level 4 investigation is an actual root cause investigation. It follows the same procedures as the Level 3 investigation, but adds the root cause process to find the underlying issues that resulted in the incidents.

In addition to investigating incidents, CS Consulting provides incident trending and proactive incident prevention. Incident trending is an analysis project that utilizes data from previous reports and investigations to determine recurring problems and underlying issues. This project requires quality, complete data from incidents going back at least several months; however, a few years of data is preferable. By finding these issues, a company can work on addressing the source of their problems, rather than the problems themselves.

Proactive incident prevention works toward the same end. The idea behind proactive incident prevention is to utilize the root cause process on systems, rather than incidents. By using this process on a system or method, companies can identify problems in the way they do things without having incidents point out the problem areas. The root cause process is used to follow through the entire system or method to identify areas where the system or method needs improvement. This ensures that when methods are utilized in the field there will not be any safety issues with the actual process.