Hazardous Materials Training Courses in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota

Hazardous materials training is an integral part in reducing lost product and minimizing downtime during an incident. Proper training will allow you to quickly mitigate or even prevent hazardous materials emergencies from occurring. Whether it’s as an awareness level course to aid your employees in recognizing emergency situations, or advanced technician level training; CS Consulting provides real-world hand-on quality training that focuses on familiarization and “muscle memory” in dealing with these technically challenging incidents.

Our focus is to provide your employees with the highest quality training possible so that they will be ready to act to most emergency situations. We believe that training should be harder and more intense than the average emergency scene. By exposing each student to “worst-case” scenarios (and pushing them to their max), they will be more comfortable establishing scene control and managing a hazardous materials scene. It is with this self confidence and knowledge that allows students to quickly and effectively mitigate any type of release or hazmat incident that could happen in or out of your facility.

What We Do

It is with this “intense” concept in mind that we have created our hazmat courses. As mentioned above we offer Awareness, Operations, & Technician level hazardous materials training. All courses are in accordance with NFPA 472 and 29 CFR 1910.120. We understand there are other organizations that conduct hazmat courses that provide similar training. These courses include many hours of training that have no specific relevance to the operations involved at your facility. It is for these reasons why we conduct a general analysis of your facility so we know how to tailor the training into specific and applicable training.

We offer the following Hazardous Materials courses: