80 Hour Hazwoper Training Courses in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota

The 80 hour Hazmat Technician level course that we offer is a much more in-depth and hands-on intensive course than that of our 40 hour course. For emergency responders throughout the Rocky Mountain region, state fire marshal’s offices are requiring 80 hours of hazmat training in order to be recognized as a hazmat technician. This course is in response to this higher expectation of advanced training. Students will spend the majority of the class out of the classroom and with real-world hazmat handling equipment that they may come in contact with during a real incident.

Course Length: 80 Hours
Skills Taught: Hazmat recognition, identification, selection of PPE, implementation of offensive tactics, advanced decontamination, site management, and advanced incident command. This class spends the majority of the 80 hours out of the classroom in hands-on training exercises. Each student will receive a student manual, their own hazmat training suit, gloves, and coffee mug.