Do You Offer H2S Training?

We do offer Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) training in order to meet the industry standard annual training requirement. Our H2S training is designed to meet ANSI Z390.1 2006 standard as per American Petroleum Institute’s requirements.

CS Consulting offers varying levels of H2S training. Our basic level of training is designed only to meet the ANSI standard and consists of typically about 2-3 hours of classroom discussion. We can also add on additional modules to the basic training or do the modules separate from the basic class as needed. These modules include emergency respirator use and H2S rescue practices.

The emergency respirator use module is designed for those who might work while wearing a respirator or who might need a respirator in order to safely escape from a contaminated area. This training would be a thorough familiarization into how to use an employee’s respirator and drills to ensure they can quickly and successfully don and doff respirators.

The H2S rescue practices module would be a follow-up module to the respirator use. In order to do this training, employees would have to have proof that they were already thoroughly trained in the use of respirators, since they will be using them in the class. The content of this class will be a brief discussion of basic rescue techniques and rescuer safety, followed by extensive drills in which all employees will quickly don respirators and actually rescue “unconscious victims” from hazard areas.