Field Services

CS Consulting can provide the answer to any of your field safety needs. In addition to our rescue standby crews and air trailer technicians, we have a team of experts available for a variety of field services. For large jobs or jobs with increased safety concerns it is often good to have an extra set of eyes on the project. Our onsite safety professionals do just that. These technicians make observations around the site to ensure that everyone is safe and within compliance with OSHA regulations. If problems are identified, our team works to mitigate problems in a respectful way that limits downtime to as little as possible. If this level of supervision is not necessary, we can provide people for fire watch and other supervisor positions as well.


In addition to keeping an eye on employees, it is important to make sure that safety equipment is maintained and functional. CS Consulting has a full time team of equipment inspector to do monthly or annual inspections on fire extinguishers, respirator inspections, first aid kit inspections, well site or rig inspections, or inspections of any other equipment you might have. This helps make sure that employees can also get to functional equipment when they need it.

A few of the services we provide are:

Rescue Standby Team

Hazard Assessments

Industrial Hygiene

Incident Investigation

Supplied Air Technician

Fire Extinguisher Servicing