Fall Protection


CS Consulting offers a wide variety of full body harnesses. This ranges from a very simple harness with a single d-ring to a rope access harness with the capability to do high angle rescues. By looking at the industry you are working in we can advise you on the proper harness to get your job done.






With the update to the ANSI Z359.1 standard the choice of which lanyard to use is even more important than ever. We can offer new insight into the differences of energy absorbing lanyards and help with the choice that works for your industry. Whether you work in the wind industry and need a rescue lanyard to the oil and gas industry and need a chemical resistant lanyard we can help make the choice easy.


Anchor Equipment

The choice on what to tie off to is probably the most important decision a worker can make when it comes to fall protection. We can make this easier with the wide variety of anchoring systems we offer. This can be as simple as a synthetic strap or temporary roof anchor to exotic systems like vacuum anchors and horizontal lifeline. Typically with a few easy questions a recommendation on the system that will best work can be made.



If clearance is an issue the self-retracting lifeline is probably the best solution. These range from fall limiters which only need a few inches of clearance to energy absorbing SRL’s that may need only 4 ½ feet to fully arrest a fall. We offer a wide variety of SRL’s ranging from rescue winch self-retracting lifelines to self-retracting lifelines that can be attached directly into your harness. The SRL is often the best choice for fall arrest applications.

Rescue Equipment