Corporate Risk Management

CS Consulting is a leading provider of safety and risk management consulting services for corporations large and small across the United States. We have found that true safety and risk management must be integrated within leadership’s focal point, just like their focus on financial, production and market share. With a team that represents multiple specialties, our consultation services provides direct access to experts in every major field of safety and risk management. CS Consulting can assist on a part time basis, a full time capacity or anything in between.

Do you have reoccurring injuries? Do you need help finally focusing on a true safety management program that will reduce incidents and help control your organization’s risk? We can help. CS Consulting can work directly with your organization to identify where your current safety program or risk management systems have failed. Starting with leadership at all levels and moving towards tactical actions that are custom created for your company. Such programs would include behavior based safety, near miss tracking, or other custom programs. We have found that when implemented and rolled out correctly these programs can become a significant asset to changing your safety culture. However, if implemented incorrectly, these programs will be more damaging to your organization’s culture than not having it at all. Improper implementation would also increase the Employee Frustration Gap (EFG) within your organization. Let CS Consulting be your expert guide in navigating these programs within your organization. We offer assistance with:

  • Establishing a safety culture
  • Establishing, maintaining and reviewing EMR goals
  • Utilizing safety discount programs
  • Leadership training
  • Employee safety training
  • Internal audits to track performance of programs and initiatives
  • OSHA compliance
  • Program and policy development
  • Hazard assessments with recommended corrective actions
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementing near miss or behavior based systems
  • Safety Committee REEBOOT