Breathing Systems

Air Trailer

CS Consulting constructs trailers designed to meet the needs of your company. Our air trailers are designed to be a portable cascade system complete with everything you need to ensure the safety of personnel on site. The trailers are typically designed to house 6 K-sized compressed air cylinders, although the number and size of cylinders can be adjusted. The cylinders are connected to a manifold control panel mounted to the wall. The manifold branches into 4 hoses, up to 300 feet each, which are wound on hose reels.
















A typical trailer carries 2 Scott supplied airline respirators, 4 Scott self-contained breathing apparatus, a wind sock, a 20 pound fire extinguishers, a first aid kit, and safety signs for the site. The number and brand of this equipment can be varied upon request. All trailers are built custom to request.


SAR Cascade system

For fixed locations where airborne contaminates are a major concern, a cascade system is an ideal choice. This system includes a rack that will hold 2 K-sized compressed air cylinders. The cylinders are rigged with appropriate regulators and up to 300 feet for hose. A weatherproof protective case is also attached to the rack containing a supplied air respirator. The rack can also be mounted with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, or other equipment desired.



Replacement Parts and Accessories

Whether you want to build your own system, replace damaged equipment, or enhance and existing system, we have all the parts you need. We carry high pressure hoses, low pressure hoses, first & second stage regulators, hose fittings, low air alarms, bottle racks, and anything else you might need.