AutoRAE 2

Automatic Test and Calibration System

The AutoRAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration System makes compliance with gas monitor test and calibration requirements as easy as pressing a button. Simply cradle the monitor on its form-fitting product-specific cradle and the system automatically takes care of all calibration, testing, and recharging.

The AutoRAE 2 is a flexible, modular system that can be configured to meet your calibration requirements effectively and efficiently. An AutoRAE 2 system can be as simple as a single cradle deployed in standalone mode to calibrate one instrument at a time, or as powerful as a controller-based system supporting up to 10 mixed cradle models (ToxiRAE Pro and MultiRAE) and 5 distinct calibration gas cylinders.

AutoRAE 2 Specifications & Ordering Options

AutoRAE 2 Product Tour Video

AutoRAE 2 systems start at $2,525.00 each with additional cradles starting at $820.00 each.

The AutoRAE 2 is compatible with the following monitors: