Standby Rescue Services & Safety Training

CS Consulting is your complete stop for all your safety training, consulting, rentals and rescue needs. We pride ourselves on professional and quality customer service.

Standby / High Angle Rescue Services

If you operate an industrial plant, manufacturing facility, laboratory or any type of business where Hazmat or other risks are present, the safety of your operators and employees is your number one concern. Having onsite EMS, Hazmat Ops and other technical rescue teams on standby, especially for remote confined space situations or other high risk projects, is critically important to making sure the job goes smoothly. Before you start a particularly risky project, such as shutting down a plant, starting major tank cleaning or anything else, call CS Consulting. Our highly trained and experienced onsite EMS and technical rescue personnel react immediately and skillfully to emergencies, keeping your employees safe in case of an emergency.

At CS Consulting, our technical rescue and confined space rescue standby teams have years of experience working in just about every kind of environment, processing vessels, power plants, boilers, sewers, tunnels and chemical tanks. Almost all of our team members are Hazmat technicians, the highest level of training short of incident commander, and we have decades of combined on-the-job training and experience. Our team members are often called to serve as Safety Officers, Fire Watches or EMTs during plant shutdowns. Our confined space and technical standby rescue teams also provide emergency retrieval systems, supplied air units and SCBAs, personal protective equipment (PPE) and trauma kits for rescue in IDLH environments. In addition, rescue personnel will monitor all activities both inside and outside the space to ensure safe confined space entry.

CPR, First Aid, H2S and Other Safety Training

We provide a variety of training courses that allow every student to gain the necessary knowledge to create a safe and efficient working environment when they return to their job. Our more popular training courses include:

Our emergency response, medical, and rescue training courses focus on intensive hands-on training. These challenging courses allow students to be pushed to their limit and face difficult scenarios which will make each student more confident and capable when they face every-day emergencies in the field. Also please inquire for special pricing or discounts for any of our courses. We run multiple discount programs for a variety of qualified individuals and/or organizations. Please request a quote to see if you qualify.

OSHA, DOT, EPA and Other Safety Consulting

CS Consulting also offers quality safety consulting services which will ensure your company’s compliance with local, state and federal regulations. We can help develop a compliant program from the ground up or help give a simple facelift for your current program. Whether you are subject to OSHA, DOT, EPA or other standards, we will work one-on-one with you to develop a specific and comprehensive safety program. This will not only make your working environment safer but will also increase efficiency and productivity and decrease expenses associated with a poor safety program.